High Clandon Cupid Blue Gin

Announcing Cupid Blue Gin

Now for something distinctly new. You may have heard rumblings, rumours, reports . . . we at High Clandon have added a new member to our family of quaff-able delights. We are thrilled to introduce you to our new craft spirit ‘Cupid Blue Gin’.

A taste explosion!

The second pressing of our succulent berries is used to produce a still wine which is then distilled by our talented friends at the Gin Kitchen to create an Eau de vie de Vin then infused with botanicals of High Clandon. Hand distilled by a rocket scientist in traditional copper to 48% vol – a taste explosion! The name is inspired by the Rare Blue butterfly, Cupido minimus, swooping over our wildflower meadow, sipping nectar, dependent on the one herb for procreation. Come along and taste for yourselves.


Also available

We also have our lovely liqueur ‘The Essence of High Clandon’. We’re sure there must be a fabulous cocktail combination waiting to be discovered with these two.

High Clandon Cupid Blue Gin

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