Prized Black Perigord Truffles discovered by the spaniels of High Clandon.

The truffler hounds of High Clandon find the prized black truffles. The second such find in England. Clever, clever dogs.

The trufflers of High Clandon find the prized black Perigord truffles in the vineyard’s secret location Truffière.

The second such find in England. Clever, clever dogs.

DNA testing has verified that these are indeed Perigord truffles.  The only other find in England has been in the Sandringham estate truffle orchard planted by the late HRH Prince Philip a number of years ago.

High Clandon with The English Truffle Company run an entertaining and delicious Truffle and Cuvée Experience Day.  Pre-booking for these marvellous days will begin in September.

This finding means that the truffles season has extended.  This is because we now have Burgundian truffles (native to England) which fruit from September – January and now also the Perigord (rare to England) fruiting from November –  March.

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